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Airfibre Broadband is a specialist Internet provider, using both wireless AND direct cable connection technology to deliver the fastest available Fibre speed broadband services.

Airfibre Broadband is continuing to build a unique and powerful wireless broadband Network with more coverage areas being added regularly. And now with our own Cabled fibre speed roll out, Airfibre is continuing to be one of the largest independent private networks. We are not reliant on other companies to deliver the service to you as we use our own systems to deliver what you need. We provide internet services to BOTH Commercial and private clients in urban and rural locations. We do not face the same speed restrictions in Rural and urban areas that many other providers battle against or charge much more for.

Our Airfibre Broadband wireless and full cable network is growing all the time and can offer high-speed connection to clients when even the traditional providers struggle. Our latest technology Wireless system’s can offer speeds in rural areas in many cases well above internet speed offered by any traditional provider. Add that to the fact that we have NO LINE RENTAL charge on ANY of our services and you can see Airfibre Broadband can offer much more.

With demand for internet services in many areas including Northern Ireland and all parts of the UK at an all-time high and only expected to continue to increase, Airfibre Broadband Internet is continuing to expand our network to create unrivaled service in the areas we offer service. Our goal is to continually expand our service in as many areas as possible to provide the best possible service and internet speeds to our clients.

At Airfibre Broadband, we work hard to meet the expectations of our clients. Our commitment is to offer you the best possible service, quality and value for money.

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