Our Packages


Connection & site survey fee applies. ALL Fibre & Ultrafast Speeds available are subject to survey & package selection.

AIR 10

£ 25 P/M ex Vat
  • 10 Meg Broadband
  • Up To 1 Meg Upload
  • No Line Rental

AIR 15

£ 30 P/M ex Vat
  • 15 Meg Download
  • Up To 1.5 Meg Upload
  • No Line Rental

AIR 20

£ 35 P/M ex Vat
  • 20 Meg Download
  • Up to 2 Meg Up Load
  • No Line rental

AIR 30

£ 40 P/M Ex Vat
  • 30 Meg Broadband
  • Up To 4 Meg Upload
  • No Line Rental

Business Packages

£ 30 Monthly
  • Fast Broadband
  • From 10 Meg to 1 Gig
  • Faster Response Time

All Our Air packages are subject to survey (fee applies). Business packages are perfect for any medium to large rural business. Residential packages are specifically for home use and not advised for business use. (Availability is all subject to survey)

All prices are exclusive of vat. Fair usage policy applies to all packages. * Speeds and higher pricing policy may be applicable and subject to availability in some areas. Voucher scheme is subject to application and approval. All installs charges must be paid in full before connection goes live. All speeds quoted are ‘up to figures’ and may change during peak hours. May not be suitable for some gaming platforms. *All pricing is subject to change and may be higher than ‘from’ prices quoted if you are further away from main exchanges. If in doubt simply get in touch for a fully confirmed price today.